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AlPHA 1 MAY – JUNE 2014

first call for nyukco

APRIL 2015 – We began with a traditional focus on Product and a blank slate for design.

NYukCO began as a pre-startup project, that combines a virtual incubator program while facilitating several aspects of hyper-local pop up boutique. We chose to test a lean startup model that blended cottage with traditional Fashion business techniques. Within 3 weeks designers had viable product available for sale to consumers.
NYukCo’s weekly space provided a physical venue to test product, engage early adopters and explore consumer development. The program was formatted as a collective and we soon began providing a virtual tech focused, Business of Fashion Program, as well as mentorship in creative and technical design development and focused on exploring #FashionTech tools and protocols in the logistics of affordable design.

Despite formal training, we realized that attendees lacked experience in the practicalities of running a traditional or cottage based business. We  fell into short 2 month design phases and by  In Alpha 2, Localized Manufacturing, Omnichannel distribution, online hangouts and live streams, #Video Enable Sales and #socialcommerce became issues of focus.
We were determined to serve the cottage industry we noted that skill and understanding of the craft and sector affected the approach and ease with which participants were able to progress. Lack of tech proficiency, access to funds and awareness of business and revenue models were also stumbling  blocks and we designed and tested potential solutions.

Expanding the cohort  Group.

  1. Hobbyist- turning pro-am
  2. Emerging Indie Designer
  3. Master Indie Designer- A graduate of one or more of the city’s Fashion or creative institute with training and various levels of experience working in the industry
  4. Designers and Crafters with Heritage Skills

Hence we made a decision to develop pre-program access through a virtual access program.


  • Local spaces
    We serve the supply chain needs within a local community but  already have been fielding call from others to adopt such a program. Sustainability of such  programs mean developing funding  protocols for the local host organization.
  • Local creative entrepreneurs
    A couple of designers cited lack of funding as barriers to continuing.  Investment at these early stages is non existent. To build out  local economies solutions would be needed.

NYukCo  decided to focus the next  couple months on Funding Solution before accepting any new local participants.  We also determined to utilize the summer months to explore various aspects of the program in Prep for live testing conceptts during Fall/Holiday 2015
See our Funding exploration here 

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