CopulateNYC – Designing a Product Hack

Copulate NYC is an innovative project that seeks to create an opportunity  for creative individuals,  artisan, crafters designers and makers to engage in  interactions that will generate innovative exceptional quality local products that  truly  represent NY’s melting pot. Copulate NYC  an open hack that aims to provide a stronger, more supportive ecosystem that will enable the local creative sector to thrive while addressing inherent challenges within the local supply chain that currently  affect the scope of product offerings and the authenticity of Made in NYC, Made in Brooklyn.

It all starts  with an open call for diverse talents to participate in a new product development and supply chain hack that runs thru April and culminates in showcases during NYCXdesign. Developed by NYukco Copulate NYC will bring together  emerging and established design and entrepreneurial talent in the Fashion, Design, Culinary and lifestyle space.  At it’s simplest Copulate NYC is about getting  talent together! Creating teams that  can then create product they would not  normally do on their own.  It is about Challenging creatives to INNOVATE!

  • Work in Leather; – how about creating bands for smart watches, covering for devices.
  • Visual Artists  or poets :- why not combine with someone else in another discipline!

On top of this, how can local  creative tap into the city’s vibrant tech scene. Laser cutting, 3D printing, Digital Printing;  Solar, Hydro chromatic, Aqua chromatic pigments …

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Alpha 3 – Business Incubation and Pop up Space Call for Intake

On OCtober 17th Please bring Prototypes, Samples of your Fall/holiday 2015 product or merchandise ideas and idea pitches for general product services and merchandise.  Alpha 3 runs from October 3rd to January 2016. Intake end October.  We will accommodate both an online  and online incubator support program  check  for highlights.  Please fill out the form below thank you!

Bringing a product to market involves Ideation of a #Concept, #design, #style, #prototype, continuous iteration #product, even while managing #production, #qualitycontrol, #visuals, #marketing, #socialcommerce, #Shipping and #fulfillment, while trying to balance #financing and #funding. That’s where an incubator comes in.  Our incubator  is designed to make starting a business culturally sensitive and locally accessible while dealing with the intricacies of adopting and adapting technologies in making the process less tasking

The Fall holiday  Season falls smack within this period so you also benefit from an affordable Popup Space from which to sell.  As an Incubator, we are more than a “Vending”  or “Popup space” , we offer a suite of support  and mentorship that  will help you grow your business.”
Please RSVP via this form

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find Investors, Angels, events, accelerators, incubators for equity based startup and crowdfunded funding and financing

Alpha Virtual access to NYukCo’s Programs

During Alpha 2 and 3 we’re reworking the “How to Start a Fashion Business” Seminar and workbooks, integrating & testing  Traditional, Cottage and Lean Tech startup models, to create a modern  cohesive plan. I’ve been asked about virtual “membership”  access to NYukco’s program… We will not be opening  formal “membership” till Spring  2016 after we have reviewed our Alpha stage and created  official “Startup”  business concept.  However  our current  alpha members benefit and are  vested in  creating a program that works.  They understand that Alpha is filled with Bumps and curves.  So we’re opening a Virtual Alpha membership…

WERE ADDING NEW MODULES – PLEASE USE CONTACT FORM AT BOTTOM OF PAGE BEFORE DONATING – DONATIONS are non-refundable.Those who make donations before our March 15th  schedule w
Donations made  before our March 15th schedule change will be honored…  


Our Alpha ran April 12th to June 12th 2015. we're currently in what we call Alpha 1 - Building out program components, descriptions courses , course outline and material.

Our Alpha ran April 12th to June 12th 2015. we’re currently in what we call Alpha 1 – Building out program components, descriptions courses , course outline and material.

This is suited to those interested in turning their hobbies in to a formal business.

$120.00 contribution
Membership to our resource media community on GPlus
Posting access to
Our NYukco member newsletter (starting  August 1st)
Downloadable Patterns and/or garment fashion instruction  FOR COMMERCIAL USE
On demand access to taped video recording of future workshops
General membership at (and new site)
March 2016- December 2016 This an Alpha program and is subject to adaptation during Alpha period

build as you growBest  for existing businesses or master artist designers and crafters willing to challenge and change how they approach business.

$300.00 Contribution 
“Membership” to our resource media community on GPlus
Posting access to
Our NYukco member newsletter (starting  August 1st)
Downloadable Patterns and/or garment fashion instruction  FOR COMMERCIAL USE
On demand access to taped video recording of future workshops)
General membership at (and new site)
One off VIP Alpha Membership  rate for our offline Popups and workshops
One off VIP Alpha Membership  rate for one on one video conferencing
Live industry discussion and seminar video where accessible October 2015 – January 2016   is is an Alpha program and is subject to adaptation during Alpha period
General or Dedicated representation , Physical inclusion in our NY space of garments on a per item or rack basis once quality criteria s met …

March  2016- JDecember 2016. This an Alpha program and is subject to adaptation during Alpha period

LEADERSHIP  Virtual Alpha ACCESS – Global 

roadmapSuited for master in their field who seek to challenge current mode as and models

$1200 Contribution (10 Member team)
Is Suited to someone desiring of running a
VIP Virtual Alpha Membership – Global
Membership to our resource media community on GPlus
Posting access to
Our NYukco member newsletter (starting  August 1st)
Downloadable Patterns and/or garment fashion instruction  FOR COMMERCIAL USE
On demand access to taped video recording of future workshops)
General membership at (and new site)
One off VIP Alpha Membership  rate for our offline Popups and workshops
One off VIP Alpha Membership  rate for one on one video conferencing
Live industry discussion and seminar video where accessible
General or Dedicated representation , Physical inclusion in our NY space of garments on a per item or rack basis, once quality criteria s met …

Leadership training in running a Local creative tech incubator space
Fashion, – Creative
Fashion Technical
Fashion Technology
Fashion  #SocialCommerce
Fashion Content strategy

Business – hand on’s access to our program and strategy…
Weekly one on one session
Customization and design sessions based on locale or niche needs…
Private Leadership GPlus Group ,
General or Dedicated representation , Physical inclusion in our NY space of garments on a per item or rack basis once quality criteria s met …

March 2016- December 2016 This an Alpha program and is subject to adaptation during Alpha period. Participation subject to approval. Contributions are non refundable please contact us before paying  if unsure.



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Samra is a label by 13 year old design intern … Kaylah Reid . She is presently prepping  her first collection for sale and will soon launch officially  so sign up for her newsletter.

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Founder’s Dating

FOUNDERS DATING –  Cofounders are to tech stratups what partners are to  business ventures! It’s about the team and finding great cofounding partners is MUCH harder than finding a date. A solid founding team should have:-

  • Someone with a solid undersatnding of the niche , the problem and the strategy to solve..
  • Someone with strong financial understanding and skills
  • Someone with hustle and marketing savvy
  • Someone with tech savvy – preferably a  developer…

It’s not a hard and fast rule but the point is a strong team  needs differing skillsets! Finding someone

At Nyukco for example- We’ve got the niche experts in  fashion and can work within the beauty, cultural, lifestyle , hyper local and entertainment niches!  To effectively  run companies they will need to find Partners…  During our Alpha 2 August we’d like to bring together an open group of individuals for what we call “Founders’s Dating’ session we have a location in Brooklyn Crown Heights tentative dates Wednesdays) . The idea is to create an environment where people of various skills can connect learn about and get prepped to apply for accerlerator & other business growth opportnities.

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How to Build an Non Equity Organic Funding Campaign

This is NYukCo’s, How to “DIY ” (Do it  Yourself) Crowdfunding guide to  creating an Organic Non Equity  Funding Campaign that helps foster local economic development.  NyukCo started as a lean  startup  project and we have chosen to  openly  document the process. As a lean STratup we not only bootstrapped but expected to  build  our program  and its components directly from feedback as we grew.  NYukCo’s core plan had a budget based on  collective paid membership. We soon realized that  this form of   revenue would be challenge because the group we wished to serve, were not only  underserved but also economically challenged.  In order to achieve economic inpact  we reasoned that  funding methods needed to be organic and executable by  anyone willing to apply these strategies. We took the same approach to funding as we have done with every challenge we undertook. We identify the  issues and plug the holes.




We made a conscious decision to explore Unofficial Traditional & Cultural Support, Funding and Financing within the local sector   but decided to test  PreTail, PreSale Model. During Alpha we opted for sweat equity.  All items in the below images were MADE IN NY; We’re authentically made in  Brooklyn, Made in Harlem by local creatives.  Members and Participants contributed time and expertise and have teh ability to  make product. Presale was a nautural option,

Trendwatching defines PRETAIL or PRESALE as

 “A mode of consumption that sees consumers treat crowdfunding platforms as the new shopping malls. Why? Because that’s where current consumer demand for the most innovative, exciting and unique products and being served better than anywhere else, by an army of entrepreneurs and start-ups.”

all items made in  new york by  Nyukco  participants brooklyn, new jersey harlem
We realized that we would need to address a wider group of issues if we were to effectively create a solution. One of those issues was  not only  funding the project but  helping our members figure out their funding and financing in a realistic manner…

As project  lead I opted to undertake teh first trial.

I looked into  Social crowdfunding  networks and found that  few actually did any of the heavy lifting. That in fact I would be essentially taking my  netwrk to their platforms.  iIt dawned on me that what we needed was a network  with supporters dedicated to supporting our particular niche, or a network that  did the heavy lifting. The available options were not acceptable at this point.

How to Create an Organic Funding Campaign  “DIY ”
(Do it  Yourself) Crowdfunding Campaign

  • Decide on type – I opted for a pre-tail offer for the first run and decided to creat  a wishlist  for resource contributions
  • Figure our what is needed… and what you will offer 
  • Create a landing Page –  a landing  page should outline  the details what why  and how  of  your project.  I also decided to add separate background info on crowdfunding
  • Show proof of sweat equity input /added these (video and A gallery) to the Landing Page
  • Make it easy to donate- PayPal or Amazon (see above)
  • Kraft Your Pitch
  • Tap into your networks Friends & Family,  Email  list , Social networks Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn  – that will take a while and hence the long run
  • Ask them to tap into their Network
  • Add updates stories incentive and share, share, share
  • Track  progress send out reports and thank you’s
  • Lather rinse repeat

The tough part is creating the campaigns.  I opted for hosting on this site and a gradual process that would reach out to my network , directly. Timing was also  a challenge. Teh need was immediate so I  set the first campaign to run through to the  end of July.  Since it would give me time to re-introduce myself and the project and it took several days to pull together! My estimation is that  deploying it by  direct  contact will take about a week!

Next up “The Ask”


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Unofficial Traditional & Cultural Support, Non Equity Funding and Financing within the local sector

In order for funding to work it must be organic, with as little barriers by gate keepers, while at the same time providing the support  to effectively leverage donations.  NYukCo will be testing local funding. We inherently  provide support and oversight. the challenge is designing  funding and financing programs that are organic.  We decided to look into Unofficial funding and financing.

Notice we used unofficial, while these methods  are not “traditional ” as in sanctioned by  approved financing practices, they are called TRADITIONAL by locals because they have been passed down  through  generations and as such are part of the culture or tradition.  Many  official programs and grants have severe restrictions and terms that often cannot be met by local entrepreneurs.

Some of the questions asked over the 15 years …

  • How can a designer with bad credit, and  No money, find funding for their line. The average designer leaves school with a heavy student loan.  One designers has a n outstanding balance of over $100000
  • How do you fund your company, create a brand, establish your brand in the fashion market,and pay yourself,  when you have no money, and is hindered by everyday restraints such as  daily bills, student loans and a pissed off landlord (LOL)
  • How can people invest in your brand.  At what level do you have to be for people to buy company stocks
  • How do you know if you’re ready to take on investors.
  • How do you get investors. ( Especially if you have bad credit

Funding and Financing is one of the last areas I have to tackle and explore. I have thus far successfully  leveraged sweat  equity and effective budgeting, bootstrapping and barter within collective working situations.

Many suggest  “crowdfunding” however, most existing crowdfunding platforms reach into social circles and give token rewards.  Together these both  may be that the reason black, ethnic or local crowdfunding  does not succeed.  Financial resources within peer circles are limited especially for nondescript rewards.  Translated locals support the projects they may not have cash to contribute! Many  with cash flow are not connected to  circles outside their own and may be isolated from local or niche entrepreneurs.

There is also a misconception about the success of “crowdfunding”, as a means of funding, of starting businesses and building communities. The goal of crowdfunding  is not merely raising money, but raising money  to  help businesses to  success. If you check many of the successfully funded campaign most companies still struggle and many have not advanced their product. If you plan and/or develop a product that has holes, you leak resources.

Funding & support programs-

How can I access local funding for fashion & Lifestyle  creatives in the  local sector


  • Su-Su Investment clubs
  • Investors, venture capital ,angels
  • Budgeting, bootstrapping and barter
  • Factoring, Banking, Line of credit
  • Creating Your Own Benefits package savings plan
  • Health insurance, retirement, vacation time etc
  • Business Insurance, license fees, supply
  • Budgeting, bootstrapping, collaboration and barter how is this going to get done



During one conversation on Facebook  with Pia- Marjoire- Nigel-Monica Jim I was able to learn about (traditional & new) Business models and strategies. The  synopsis


i.Guyap / Gayap or (Raising a Barn US) not sure I spelled it right , this still goes on, some folks would be doing just this tomorrow to help my son build his house. It’s really simple, you need to know people or better yet people need to know you or someone concerning you. With this  you generally  have a need, say your house , your yard or something needs fixing or in one case
“you’re trying to build but don’t have the all the resources , my friends husband with whom he worked with and a few other friends in the building industry was contacted and they in turn contacts other persons, no one expects to be paid because each other knows it will be done for them should they need it, food and drink is provided for the workers and that’s that ,this is how things were done in the old days and even to today.   People still do this. it is powered by a  close knit “community.” Formal programs include Habitat for Humanities and Hands on Atlanta

ii. The “Fish Fry” or bake sale though is another model… My late partner  tested this with a group of seniors who were losing their funding. Recently our 13 year old intern raised money  for her prom using this method but with  cupcakes

In the case of the seniors  pooled money, bought supplies at first retail. When Paul and I discussed it he got them to purchase at wholesale or got it donated by corporations. They  cooked and sold to the tenant in their apartment complex.

iii. the  sou sou model “community investors commit to a regular donations. the talent is paid and investors earn an increment on their share after due after the event. a third party Holding company will be needed and payment made after debts are paid out

iv. the Bazaar or “Harvest Fair which is a very community oriented form of crowd sourcing … it also helped develop entrepreneurial skills.

v. the “Traditional Trinidadian Carnival band ”model is a little tricky but you have a general concept, a Creative property… essentially you break that large “Band” or concept into smaller “sections , license the rights to those sections. Whether a full license or partial  residual – all talent basically defer/exchange payment … their input is valued as an asset and each shares proportionately in profits. Any upfront cash can be accrued via Pre-selling blocks to promoter or adding a monetary equity level (or matching Grants). Each person is then vested in the success, marketing and sales of that creative property.

vi. The Party Model – My Native Trinidad has a version of the Rent Party that is highly  Successful. A Form of   Self Help through Fetes . Wikipedia Ddescribes it a RENT PARTY as

A rent party (sometimes called a house party) is a social occasion where tenants hire a musician or band to play and pass the hat to raise money to pay their rent, originating in Harlem during the 1920s.[1] The rent party played a major role in the development of jazz and blues music. The Oxford English Dictionary states that the term skiffle means “rent party”, indicating the informality of the occasion. Thus, the word became associated with informal music. However, many notable jazz musicians are associated with rent parties, including pianists Speckled Red, James P. Johnson, Willie “the Lion” Smith, and Fats Waller, although rent parties also featured bands as well. The OED also gives boogie as a term for rent party.

Rent parties were often the location of so-called cutting contests, which involves jazz pianists taking turns at the piano, attempting to out-do each other.

vii. Games– My late American mentor introduced me to “games” 50-50 raffle where tickets were sold at events for $1 the pool was split 50-50 with the house and winner. there were several other games including the “numbers” games mentioned below. We should collect & preserve these from a HERITAGE standpoint!

viii. whe-whe (wey-wey) ji’z/ [wewe] n (Trin).. Numbers in the US is  A privately (now governments run these)  run lottery in which any of 36 symbols or ‘marks’ are bought on impulse (often from dreams or superstitions); a ‘banker’ keeps the secret winning mark upon which when revealed, payment is made

ix. Barter exchanges– run by Community Exchange System  and  via Wikipedia CES is described as

The Community Exchange System (CES) is an Internet-based trading network[1] which allows participants to buy and sell goods and services without using a national currency. While the relatively new system can be used as an alternative to traditional currencies such as the dollar or Euro or South African rand, the Community Exchange System is a complementary currency in the sense that it functions alongside established currencies. It is international in scope.[2] It does not have printed money or coins[3] but uses computer technology to serve as an “online money and banking system” or alternative exchange system and as a marketplace.[4] It is an advance from an arrangement in which either one good or service is exchanged for another good or service, or commonly called barter, since it uses a digital unit of value.[2][3] While there are reports that the system is growing, in 2011 the system handles only a tiny fraction of international world commercial activity.

Free onlene CES

x. Collective- Cowork & collaborate works well with large ticket  item that  are common to a group, space, machinery, tools..

xi. Pre-tails – Pre-sell your Hustle: A Zero start process – the idea is to Book and pay for the  Rental or  Sale of  a skill product or services during a set period. with the rendering of that product or service set at a longer than  normal period.

x11. Auctions/Garage sales  sell what  you are willing to part with and us eteh cash to build what  you want

X111 “Crowdfunding” as we refer to it today is a cash based model originally meant to go around SEC regulations of $250.000 minimum for investment.  Usually executed by a web based company  in one of four formats-

  • Equity Based Crowdfunding (Earlyshares)
  • Donation Based Crowdfunding (Warby Parker) (Non Equity)
  • Lending Based Crowdfunding  (Kiva) (Non Equity)
  • Reward Based Crowdfunding (Kickstarter) (Non Equity)
  • Pre-tail  or Pre Sale based Crowdfunding (Non Equity)(the ones I came across were predatory and so I will not  post about them)

all of which involves  cash contributions.  It should be noted that the Jobs Act now allows for equity rather than rewards but the regulations may  again have barriers of entry.

Understanding that during alpha we will design and test several funding initiative you can find them on the Support page


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At the NyukCo seeks to address the local creative sector. As we progress we had to come to terms with what was  actually needed to incubate an evolving fashion market. We started with a focus on the consumer.

What’s the one item your customer must have or will want to have?
Does it come in his/her size
Can it fit her
Do you have it in a color he/she likes?

Have you acces to the right info  on which to build your line…
Database of measurement and size
Improved design construction and fit
Affordability Availability, access
Sourcing Supplying Fabrics and

Developing  products that are consumer oriented became a major focus during Alpha1.

That means creating solutions for
Database of measurement and size
Improved design construction and fit
Affordability Availability, access
Sourcing Supplying Fabrics and


So to facilitate we have expanded and will be adding  Online Workshops
ring Apha3  Strating September 2015


Online Workshops

  • Basic Sloper
  • Pattern Making
  • Do It WITH TECH – Retail edition – Rethinking Integrating & Connecting Offline and Online Points of selling
  • BKstyleCon  2014 Workshop  – On Demand


Give Aways

  • Pattern Making  By Lawrence Pizzi
  • Seams Guide by Lawrence Pizzi
  • “TERM” sheets
    • Fabric Performance Terms
    • Sewing terms
    • Fashion terms
    • Tech terms
    • Financial literacy Terms
    • Retail terms – Multi-channel, cross-channel, omni-channel – Rethinking Integrating & Connecting Offline and Online Points of selling




  meet bonnie Sandy

Designing a Mobile Video Strategy for Small Local, Niche or Heritage Businesses

You have to know the brand first in order to design.. you need to understand the consumer in order to create the brand…

Video is a vital sales and marketing tool… even for small local businesses. This playlist strated with a Highlight of Mobile Video. Mobile video refers to the viewing of video or apps used in filming, , assembling, editing and creating of video and/or mobile video chatting. It is one of fastest growing sectors in tech. will be exploring  video including mobile video for creative local independent businesses during our Alpha 2 phase June to August 2015

There is a range of formats which  we can pursue.

As we work we realized that the various aspects of “making video” had to be introduced, to these creatives and found ourselves discussing affordable alternative. This playlist was created to share on our Meber  “study” group via a GPlus Community.

When you walk in to our collective Sunday meetup you’ll here “Mom & Pop” discussing 3 point lighting white light, steady cams, scripting and storytelling.. No longer are they focused on “how do I look” on the camera but how can I get this point across or better show this detail. That means studying the professionals, to appreciate the skill and crafts manship. These bespoke videos were a gift!

I also added some from Showstudio as well as some footage from our initial exploration. The Bentley series provided an opportunity to address the notion that mobile video was “cheesy”. Here was one of the most respected brands using it! We plan to explore video across several playforms buy I Believe it is best, for the local business owner, to host such video in a mobile enabled site since an app has it’s disadvantages in that content can only be searched within the app itself.


Intelligent Details: Behind The Scenes
explores the technology and film craft used to shoot, edit and create the Intelligent Details series commissioned by Bentley Motors.

Intelligent Details: The Bespoke Driving Jacket
is the second documentary film commissioned by Bentley Motors in the Intelligent Details series. The film features four houses from Savile Row, the internationally renowned home of bespoke tailoring, as they each create a Bespoke Driving Jacket, commissioned by Bentley Motors to mark the occasion of the Savile Row Bespoke exhibition in Washington, D.C.

Intelligent Details,

a short documentary film commissioned by Bentley Motors, introduces Luc Donckerwolke, Director of Design, and SangYup Lee, Head of Exterior Design. Filmed in the Bentley Mulsanne in New York, Intelligent Details focuses on what inspires Luc and SangYup in their roles as design leaders for Bentley Motors. The film highlights the fusion of luxury, performance and technology within the Bentley Mulsanne and reveals the manner in which Intelligent Details was filmed, assembled and edited using the in-car connectivity and entertainment platform.

Two samples of our “Improv” or unscripted video we shot to get teh designers “comfortable”.  One shot with a hand held Iphone the other a Cannon on a tripod… I’ve found that putting the designers “on the spot” was the most effective method of introduction. After the initial experience taking on video no longer seemed a challenge.

Success though is not simply about video. Since this is video for sales we first focused on product prep and the logistics of #socialcommerce selling.


Austin Reza and Cinematographer Harris Done choose to Filmakr & Filmic for shooting.

Android Alternatives

We welcome Musician, models & production talent, Apps Sponsors etc  during or Alpha 2 stage – June to August 2015. We understand that not everyone will be convinced or eager to adopt or adapt.

For those still hooked on images
Photo editor

More About Mobile Video – from StreamingMedia Magazine…

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NYuKCO where Clothing , Creativity, Community and Tech Collide

The ideas have always been simple bring  together fashion and technology component:_ thus FashionCampNYC was born but we soon realized just how far apart the two worlds were. That was 2009, since then I’ve alternated between Fashion and tech; Between various local and global  Brooklyn  and black creative cottage  communities and the the various components of NYTech  communities. It is exhausting  but since my early  introduction to  Tech in NY ni 2006/7  there is still limited cross pollination of ideas! Millions being put into say Fashion tech companies with little relevance to how people actually buy sell or wear clothing!

Thus a venue for cross pollination both offline and online was needed!

Welcome to our first Blog Post…

This video is showing drones in FASHION at SILICON FASHION WEEK, it was shot  a few days after our discussion and decision at NYukCo to explore the use of drone, technology not in Silicon Valley but ‪#‎CROWNHEIGHTS‬‪ #‎BROOKLYN‬  trust me though our fashion will actual be “wearable”.

We’re not exploring tech and fashion, with “Gimmicks” but for real applications. Tijaun one of our Video Technicians will be bringing his company’s drones to explore the use of this technology is presentation and sale! Yes even the Video technology and it’s use for presentation and sale is new to the designers. He’ll be building and outfitting special indoor drones with cameras! I am determined to take work with the team to be innovative and make tech actually count in fashion. So please sign up for our newsletter and connect with us…

  meet bonnie Sandy