The future of Fashion – 3d printed clothing and Wearable Tech in the Creative Cottage Sector

One day we’ll print our clothing and recycle with a push of the button.  That is the  theory many hold , so how will that affect local creatives and more importantly how do you prepare them and level the playing field. I was first introduced to 3d printing  by Zac and Bre of Makerbot in 2009 at FashionCamp a NY fashion unconference.  I watched as they printed out  a bracelet… a year later we printed buttons in the Fashioncamp logo… Forward to 2015 and we have the image on the right and in this video.   That was just 6 years ago

Yes, 3D printed fashion is here! Joe Zee introduces the very talented Danit Peleg who created the first ever 3D printed fashion collection!

Posted by FABLifeShow on Monday, October 12, 2015

On the other hand I’m now getting  local manufactures to use gmail, and google docs, to explore how Twitter can impact their businesses, video and live- streaming. Speaking soft  circuitry, solar inks is speaking a different language.

The question that keeps me up;-

“How does one prepare the local sector to survive or integrate these shifts so that  30 years down the line they are not obsolete?”

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NYuKCO where Clothing , Creativity, Community and Tech Collide

The ideas have always been simple bring  together fashion and technology component:_ thus FashionCampNYC was born but we soon realized just how far apart the two worlds were. That was 2009, since then I’ve alternated between Fashion and tech; Between various local and global  Brooklyn  and black creative cottage  communities and the the various components of NYTech  communities. It is exhausting  but since my early  introduction to  Tech in NY ni 2006/7  there is still limited cross pollination of ideas! Millions being put into say Fashion tech companies with little relevance to how people actually buy sell or wear clothing!

Thus a venue for cross pollination both offline and online was needed!

Welcome to our first Blog Post…

This video is showing drones in FASHION at SILICON FASHION WEEK, it was shot  a few days after our discussion and decision at NYukCo to explore the use of drone, technology not in Silicon Valley but ‪#‎CROWNHEIGHTS‬‪ #‎BROOKLYN‬  trust me though our fashion will actual be “wearable”.

We’re not exploring tech and fashion, with “Gimmicks” but for real applications. Tijaun one of our Video Technicians will be bringing his company’s drones to explore the use of this technology is presentation and sale! Yes even the Video technology and it’s use for presentation and sale is new to the designers. He’ll be building and outfitting special indoor drones with cameras! I am determined to take work with the team to be innovative and make tech actually count in fashion. So please sign up for our newsletter and connect with us…

  meet bonnie Sandy