CopulateNYC – Designing a Product Hack

The times they are a-changin’.

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Copulate NYC is an innovative project that seeks to create an opportunity  for creative individuals,  artisan, crafters designers and makers to engage in  interactions that will generate innovative exceptional quality local products that  truly  represent NY’s melting pot. Copulate NYC  an open hack that aims to provide a stronger, more supportive ecosystem that will enable the local creative sector to thrive while addressing inherent challenges within the local supply chain that currently  affect the scope of product offerings and the authenticity of Made in NYC, Made in Brooklyn.

It all starts  with an open call for diverse talents to participate in a new product development and supply chain hack that runs thru April and culminates in showcases during NYCXdesign. Developed by NYukco Copulate NYC will bring together  emerging and established design and entrepreneurial talent in the Fashion, Design, Culinary and lifestyle space.  At it’s simplest Copulate NYC is about getting  talent together! Creating teams that  can then create product they would not  normally do on their own.  It is about Challenging creatives to INNOVATE!

  • Work in Leather; – how about creating bands for smart watches, covering for devices.
  • Visual Artists  or poets :- why not combine with someone else in another discipline!

On top of this, how can local  creative tap into the city’s vibrant tech scene. Laser cutting, 3D printing, Digital Printing;  Solar, Hydro chromatic, Aqua chromatic pigments …

  meet bonnie Sandy