Founder’s Dating

The times they are a-changin’.

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FOUNDERS DATING –  Cofounders are to tech stratups what partners are to  business ventures! It’s about the team and finding great cofounding partners is MUCH harder than finding a date. A solid founding team should have:-

  • Someone with a solid undersatnding of the niche , the problem and the strategy to solve..
  • Someone with strong financial understanding and skills
  • Someone with hustle and marketing savvy
  • Someone with tech savvy – preferably a  developer…

It’s not a hard and fast rule but the point is a strong team  needs differing skillsets! Finding someone

At Nyukco for example- We’ve got the niche experts in  fashion and can work within the beauty, cultural, lifestyle , hyper local and entertainment niches!  To effectively  run companies they will need to find Partners…  During our Alpha 2 August we’d like to bring together an open group of individuals for what we call “Founders’s Dating’ session we have a location in Brooklyn Crown Heights tentative dates Wednesdays) . The idea is to create an environment where people of various skills can connect learn about and get prepped to apply for accerlerator & other business growth opportnities.

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