How To Shop Custom, Bespoke and Heritage Designers

At NYukCO  we’re serious about FIT, we’re even more serious about ensuring clothing is designed for real women in our communities. We also explore technology… yes Virtual fitting!

We need to trust that you input the correct measurements.  You need to trust that designers are designing  for real consumers like you. We decided  to  put together a guide for both designers and consumers

All the designers encourage you to come shop and try on the items! This helps us better gauge  how to size and fit  the  products we offer..  We have a fitting room but  wearing leggings and a fitted  tank will  make the process so much easier. We’re working on making this video  even better  so please leave your comments and /or questions…

Ladies put on a great bra… adjustable straps are great… but not necessary!


  • Fitted tank
  • Leggings


Other-  make sure you have the correct heel height.

and remember to build out we’ll  need your support 

  meet bonnie Sandy