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The Future of Fashion lies in Social Styles

LawpizziChallenge:- As we watched and listened during  @medathon"S Future of Fashion  we  were struck  by the scope  and that the core nature  of what was on the table.  All agreed that  fashion was Great story as a designer and as a creative industries advocate I chose to create a blog  post that navigated the scope..  
The  image to left is a gif created by  Google photos of images shot today .. 

Fashion as Media

The challenge is media  that converts across all platforms an
Media that not only attracts and instigates engagement

Image format
Images that talk
Interactive gaming-
Virtual Reality
Augmented reality 


Fashion as Story


Who '




What set's it apart 
Talking Points

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Fashion As Technology

Beyond Consumer integration


conversation prism

editorial Content type guide

Images- Cheat sheet

Updated for 2015! Social Media cheat sheet with social media image sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

Download Picasa and set the templates to drop images

Compress for web and watermerk
Image manipulation
Exif editor

What Types of content can I create

Df - Definitions

Curated collection of the most relevant and diverse definitions of a specific subject, issue or topic

Ck - Checklist

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Gl - Glossary

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