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nyukco 2015 banner


Funding Local Growth – NYukCo Project Alpha1

conciergeNyukCo started as a lean  startup  project exploring the intersection of technology and the hybrid traditional and cottage creative industries unique to Brooklyn,  NY. Every item in the image above was made within the first 4 weeks. The slide show reflects just  a minute portion of what was accomplished during our Alpha stage.  This page is for fund raising  projects aimed at financing the program that supports and the direct building of these local creative industries.  These businesses produce locally.


"I'm asking you to help me support the growth of local businesses
We've put in the sweat equity  building thecore values from 2003 to present... The videos in the playlist reflex the beginning of where we want to go, The images in the slideshow   just a snippet of what we offer. The group we wished to serve, were not only  undeserved but also economically challenged and as such our initial budget in terms of cost and financing  needed to be revises.  We also wanted to be autonomous.  "
... Bonnie Sandy project lead

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I appreciate all support and my team and I thank you even  if you are not in a position to help financially.  There are other options from hosting a pop-up  or Hostess party to becoming a social ambassador (and earning ) or simply giving  feedback on product. We’re prepping all the ‘communication’ necessary to  share and inform. Feel free to select the
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